Astrid (modastrid) wrote in batcavebazaar,

In the vein of Southern Death cult, Bauhaus, Siouxsie Sioux, Prunes, Rozz.. etc

Many of the classic Goth and Death rock bands are no longer putting out material (or now spend their time 6 feet below... or playing DJ in South America?!)  And if you are anything like me you've nearly exhausted the treasure trove of music recorded during the height of the Scene.

I have little faith in the Music that is released these days... most releases come as punishment to my ears and the bands are rarely visually stimulating.
This is one act I am very much a fan of though:

Go there and listen. Leave feedback if you dare. He covers a Virgin Prunes and a Sisters of Mercy track too.

Originally a one man act- it's now expanded into a 3 part band + Glorious vintage drum Machine (though that information has not been formally announce on the page). 
Beryl Beloved, the front man, is also starting a purist goth-death rock night here in Colorado. NO Electronic NO EBM NO Industrial.
Thank God... and Thank DJ Beloved.

And yes I am married to the front man :)

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