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I have an epic ton of tshirts I've bought and never worn and then a few that I did. I'd offering them for sale here as a nice giant stack of shirts if anybody wants to do DIY work.. Almost all of them are on a black background, if anybody has any questions about them I can check a individual shirt if need be. (and can provide pictures of the stack but I'd really rather not get a pic for each shirt and if you see how many, you'll understand why)

Oh, I'm open to suggestions on price, btw, just suggest something that you think is fair :P

Girls shirts --- alot of these are babydoll tshirts

Phantom of the opera rose/mask
Harry Potter Gryffindor
Harry Potter Syltherin
Lord of the rings Aragorn
Nightmare before christmas (tiny bit faded)
Pirates of the caribbean
Girly skull and crossbones (silver and pink glitter, kinda faded)
Piratey skull and crossbones (kinda faded)
Lucky 13 flame design (kinda faded)
The crow (kinda faded)
Lacuna Coil
God Forbid(M)
Blind Guardian

Guys shirts --

Jackass the game (XL, skull with crutches for crossbones, I'm adding it incase your interested)
Batman logo (YouthS, Somewhat faded)
Trash and Vaudeville red logo (XL)
Marilyn Manson Goth thing (XL)
Clandestine (S, I cut the sleeves and ringer neck off for some reason..)
Still life decay (10/12 so.. M?)
Velvet Revolver (YouthS, tiny bit faded)
Dresden Dolls (YouthM)
Worst Pirate Ever(it's in the lj post you commented on)
Sin City Nancy (also in the lj post)
Patent Pending "shake yer booty" pirate ( L)
Voodoo Glow Skulls skull/crossbone (YouthM, kinda faded)
Offwhite flaming D20 (M, yeah, it's a D&D thing)
Grey CBGB shirt (M)
I went to middle earth and all I got was this stupid ring (S)
The Black Maria ( YouthM)
Dir en grey zombie (S, from the american tour so it's pretty rare)
Infernomancer from Dominic Deegan comics (M, out of print, never worn, bought 5 years ago)
Romeo + Juliet Nyc ballet premiere  (S)
Bauhaus Peter Murphy (M awesome shirt, seriously.)
Phantom of the opera broadway logo (S)
Trash and vaudeville pink logo(XL)
Witch hunter robin (L)

I live in the US and would like to sell these all to the same person but if you want to take most of them but not all, I can consider that as well.
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